Awards 4 U

More Coming soon!

Cute Site Award
Site must have a few broken links, and cute layout/pics.

Hot Site! Award
The site must be cool. Or, it should be about Sailormars. Must have very few broken links, and it just has to be

Best Haruka/Michiru Site
For Haruka/Michiru sites. Must contain pix. Best if they are Haruka/Michiru together/love pics. Guaranteed, that you will get this award if you have a Michiru/Haruka love page.^_~

Way Cool Site! Award
You site must have pix, info, and all that stuff. Also a good layout!

Elegant/Beautiful Site Award
Site must be pretty. Beautiful layout, pix, and such.


E-mail me of you want an award.
Choose one, or tell me to choose. Please provide a link to your site, so I can see it.